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Archives for: July 2006

A Dream Job for Every Red Blooded Canadian Male

According to The Smoking Gun, the Canadian Border Service Agency is the official gatekeeper at deciding what Canadians are allowed to see, and what is too sensitive for their little beady eyes.

The CBSA "determines what videos, CDs, and magazines are suitable for importation." And yes, there are job openings.

Further according to The Smoking Gun:

[Y]ou'll find the list of videos reviewed by Customs investigators, who put the stop to flicks like "Hotel Smotherfornia" and "Piss Boys In Love." Though "Hopalong ASS-idy" and "Crouching Woman Hidden Face" passed muster. And don't ask us why "Footslave Prophecies, Vol. 2" gets in, but "Footslave Prophecies, Vol. 1" is stopped at the border.

Which asks the big question: How can you know what is going on in Footslave Prophecies, Vol. 2 if you never get a chance to see Footslave Prophecies, Vol 1?

And here's the list!

Boobs in the News

Another contribution from my sister:

No, not George and Dick: It's an MSNBC report on Why Women Don't Nurse Longer. I particularly liked this maternal response to the cover: "Gross, I am sick of seeing a baby attached to a boob," wrote Lauren, a mother of a 4-month-old. Guess who is a bottle baby?

A Naughty, Naughty Picture

Everything You Want to Know about Bunnock, but Were Afraid to Ask

And, yes. Be afraid. Be very afraid...

Here's the The Original Bunnock page who warn:


Imitation Bunnock? You mean there are people who are trying to get a free ride into this goldmine?

Yes, There is the The Canadian Bunnock Association. And, oh, look! They have a video!

I think I'll stick to Tiddly Winks.

Danger: Friends

Aaron Miller goes away for a few days. Little did he realize the dangers in having friends with too much time on their hands. Irony is the First Casulty of War

Cruel Site of the Day is a site I checkout on a regular basis (10 or more times per day. It beats working.)

Under the headline Irony is the First Casulty of War, they have the following blurb:

The cost to drive one "never forget" Hummer H3 1,600 miles from Arkansas to California to honor 10 Marines killed by an IED in Fallujah, Iraq: $275.84.

The link is to an article on Aircraft Resource Center about a Special Hummer one woman painted to honor her son who died in Iraq. also had a link to the web site showing that this Hummer gets only 17 mpg. As Thomas Friedman pointed out, we buy most of our oil from the same countries who sponsor much of the world terrorism.

To give you an idea how bad this gas mileage is, my Honda Odyssey is larger, handles better, is faster, rides quieter, and gets almost twice the gas mileage. It also has a six cylinder engine vs. 5 cylinder for the Hummer. I looked at the web site and noticed a little chart on the bottom of the entry for the Hummer. One of the entries has

Gas Guzzler: No

That's right, getting only 17 mpg is not guzzling gas.

Another Person with too Much Time on their Hands

I think this time, I'm the guilty party. I went to to take a look at the man with the musical suit, and spent an hour at the site.

My bad.

Another Installment in People with Way Too Much Time on Their Hands

Or maybe not...

What if someone is beaming radio waves at your head in order to control your mind. You'll need a tinfoil hat, but you don't want to look like some crazy loon in a tinfoil hat.

No, you want to look like a suave crazy loon in a designer tinfoil hat.

Just in time for the fall season!

Couple of Vids...

There's a couple of rather interesting videos and mp3s. Here's the first:

Vincent Ferrari tried to cancel his AOL account, but AOL doesn't let him.

Here's another one. A Comcast tech person fell asleep on someone's couch while waiting for his own customer service. That's right. The guy was put on hold by his own company for an hour.

The short. Both customer support people were fired. Now, you have to remember that the AOL guy is paid for retaining customers. You see, if you call AOL to cancel, you're transfered to their "Customer Retention" division, so in a sense, the guy was trying to do his job. The New York Times has an article or two about this. However, I think the AOL guy went way beyond his job description when he started getting snarky.

I do feel sorry for the poor Comcast tech guy. He was probably over worked and handling a half dozen jobs. Then, he gets great support from his own company.

The same thing happened to me with CableVision. After having problems with my cable modem, they finally sent a guy over. He spent about an hour and a half rewiring things, changing connections, and then called up CableVision to ask them to do something on their end as a test. He was on hold for about 40 minutes when he fell asleep.

I woke him up, and asked him if he was okay. Yeah, he was just tired. It was almost 5, he had been working since 7am, and he was sorry he was asleep. I told him it was okay. I also tend to lose consciousness around 4pm too at work. That's why God invented coffee.

I made him some coffee, and he thanked me. He did finally (after about an hour and a half) get through to CableVision. I told him I was surprised he goes through the same customer service line I do (and have the same wait) when he needs assistance. He said he was also surprised when he was told to go through the same line.

Even worse, this is why he is always late. He suppose to do appointments in 15 minutes, and have another 15 minutes between appointments. Unfortunately, whenever he needs to call tech support, he has to wait an hour. He misses his appointments, and ends up with angry customers.

As far as I'm concerned, that Comcast tech guy shouldn't had been fired. Instead, it should have been Brian L. Roberts, the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Comcast.

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